I have always been one of those guys who has gotten quite a bit of enjoyment out of E3 by just wandering around and checking out whatever obscure games that cross my path. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing the big named games just as much, but there’s something cool about seeing and playing games that aren’t the blockbusters we’ve all come to expect at E3. This is how I chanced upon Age of Wushu.

What caught my eye in the beginning was the art style. To be honest, I walked by Snail’s booth once and thought the art looked great, but I didn’t actually stop to check out their games. It wasn’t until I passed by the second time that I felt compelled to find out what they were about. I’m glad I did.

Age of Wushu is an MMO for the PC and it’s creators are located in China. It was easy to see that at first glance since a lot of the text was still in Chinese. I never let a thing like text I can’t read stop me from playing a game, however. So, I dove into the game. Luckily for me, the game follows the standard MMO movement commands and I was able to quickly begin exploring the world laid out in front of me.

Like I said, the first thing you’ll notice is how colorful the world is. These days so many games seems to be limiting their color pallet and it was refreshing to see the artists use a larger range of colors in their game. I could spend time trying to describe it to you, but I figure it’s best to let the game speak for itself.

The world they have crafted is so vibrant, it just makes you want to jump in and wander around. And before I forget, running on water is incredibly fun.
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