Want to win some cool prizes both in and out of Deus Ex Human Revolution? Well, Square Enix has just announced a contest for iOS users. Details are below.

From the press release:

    Square Enix, Inc. and Eidos–Montreal launched the DEUS EX®: HUMAN REVOLUTION™ (DXHR) QR MISSIONS App for fans of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, wherein participants will have the opportunity to win exclusive real world prizes as well as in–game rewards. In order to join the DXHR QR MISSIONS Scavenger Hunt, fans should visit the App store on their iOS device. The first code is already available in the exclusive content section of the game’s official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/DeusEx). New codes will be released every week for the next seven weeks.

    So, How Does It Work?

    Fans should visit the App store to download the App (DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION QR MISSIONS) for their iOS device and register for the DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION QR MISSIONS. Participants must be 17–years–old or older, have an iOS device with a camera and be able to register using Facebook Connect. Participants will also have to choose their preferred gaming platform.

    Once the App is installed, users can begin looking for QR Codes — both online and in the real world — in a variety of locations including marketing and public relations materials, in–store advertising, the official website and Facebook page, and more. Hints for code locations will appear on the Official Eidos–Montreal Twitter feed (www.twitter.com/eidosmontreal) as well as the game’s official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/DeusEx).

    When a code is found, participants will use their iOS device equipped with a camera to scan it, thereby capturing that code and earning themselves (and all participants) 10 points.

    So, What Can Fans Win?

    The DXHR QR MISSIONS Scavenger Hunt delivers elite rewards for the fastest and most thorough code collectors as well as an amazing prize for all participants through a larger, unified goal. These prizes include:

  • For each code scanned, users receive an item immediately including special game footage, secret codes to unlock in–game doors, “Augment Yourself” codes and other assets and info from the game.
  • The first 1,000 participants to find 10 codes will receive an exclusive theme for their preferred platform (either the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft or the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system). These themes will be available for sale at a later date.
  • If the collective score for all participants reaches 1,000,000 points before August 23 (the North American release date), all registered participants in the DXHR QR MISSIONS Scavenger Hunt will receive an exclusive item for their Xbox LIVE Avatar or for PlayStation®Home. This item will be a toy version of the in–game “B–EE Chopper” that will appear as an Avatar prop item for their Xbox LIVE Avatar and will be available as a companion that follows the user within PlayStation®Home.
  • The first 10 participants to collect ALL 21 QR codes will receive the following prize package:
    • One (1) copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition (system based upon original console selection)
    • One (1) pair of Custom Deus Ex: Human Revolution headphones
    • One (1) SQUARE ENIX PRODUCTS PLAY ARTS –KAI– Adam Jensen Action Figure
    • One (1) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Limited Edition Compression Sleeve

    Users can find the first code in the DXHR QR MISSIONS Scavenger Hunt on the game’s official Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/DeusEx) on the “Exclusive Content” tab. Participants must “Like” the page in order to see the code. Additional codes will be unleashed immediately.