I’ve always had a lot of respect for one man teams. Making a game is hard enough these days, and trying to do it alone takes a certain amount of patience, skill, and drive. Check out the game on XBLA. Good work, man.


From the press release:

    You pilot a flying saucer on a mission to defend the Earth from the invading Martian forces.

    Your ship is the latest in space technology, outfitted with advanced evasive maneuver capabilities as well as upgradable weapons and armor.
    Watch out for the Martians with their space ships and thier grim space creatures!
    If you like old school space shooters, then you need to play Mars Revenge!

    Out now on XBox Live Indie Games.
    If you thought you were good at Galaga or Galaxians in the early 80’s, then you’ll probably really like this game.

    I am Jaan Rett. The entire staff of Rett Software, the maker of Mars Revenge. I’ve always wanted to be involved in making games, and that is why I became a programmer nearly 20 years ago. It wasn’t until now though that I found myself with enough free time to actually make a game. Mars Revenge is the game I always envisioned making for my first game. Having been influenched by 80’s arcade games, and todays big budget blockbuster games, I have put together a game which combines old school space shooter goodness with modern game play mechanics, graphics and sound. In Mars Revenge, you pilot a Flying Saucer and fight off invading martian forces. Your ship can fly anywhere, perform advanced evasive manuevers, collect powerups, and apply upgrades to your weapons and armor.