As Macs gain acceptance in the gaming community, more PC gaming peripherals are making their way to the Mac. Razer makes some well known keyboards used by gamers everywhere and now Mac gamers get a chance to use Razer keyboards made specifically for their platform.

From the press release:

    Razer, the world’s leading high-end precision gaming brand, is excited to announce that their highly-popular Razer BlackWidow, Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, and Razer Anansi keyboards are now available in standard Mac key layout.

    “For Mac gamers, your supreme gaming reign begins now with the Razer BlackWidow and the Razer Anansi.” said Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff, President, Razer USA. “Whether you’re after exceptional tactile feedback from your fast key presses, or dedicated keys for more MMO skills at your fingertips, these gaming keyboards for Mac deliver. As promised, we’ve been hard at work rolling out Mac support on all our products, whether with dedicated drivers or hardware changes, offering the same competitive edge for Mac gamers as their PC brethren.”

    All three gaming keyboards feature the standard Mac layout with iconic Command and Option keys, as well as a row of easily accessible media keys. Also included with the keyboards, the Mac-Integrated software gives you the power of full customization of absolute typing and gaming destruction in your hands.

    About the Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition
    The Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition’s full mechanical key architecture provides a distinctive tactile feedback that simulates the experience and precision of performing a mouse click, giving gamers an entirely new keyboard feel. With its optimized actuation force of 50g and an actuation point halfway down the full travel distance of 4mm, the Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition’s keys deliver crisp response with accelerated actuation speed. The ultra robust construction, fully programmable keys, 5 additional macro keys, and on-the-fly macro recording make the BlackWidow: Mac Edition a fully equipped and revolutionary gaming keyboard.