If you haven’t visited GoG.com, then we seriously recommend it. They’ll be having a sale on select old games for the next 18 days. Now would be a good chance to jump on board.

From the press release:

    For the next 18 days, GOG.com (http://www.gog.com)-your one-stop classic gaming shop, is opening up its incredible catalog of computer classics to a genre-spanning, publisher-crossing, blockbuster-quality sale of some of its lesser-known titles from its 350+ games catalog. With this announcement the team has launched the first 60% discount on cult adventure game Sanitarium, available right now for just $3.99. Sanitarium will remain on sale until tomorrow at 5:59 a.m. EDT (9:59 a.m. GMT).

    The Summer Hidden Gem series of promos continues the idea of “GOG.com Gems Promo”, where lesser-known titles from the rapidly growing GOG.com catalog are put into the spotlight. To celebrate summer, for the next two weeks until July 25th, GOG.com is going to run a 24-hours “Hidden Gem” promo every day, so everyone can rediscover these classics! Don’t be fooled, even though these gems may not be as well knows as some of the genre-defining classics in GOG.com’s catalog, the games on offer during the Summer GOG.com Hidden Gem Extravaganza are all excellent titles and every fan of Good Old Games should give them a try.

    Head over to GOG.com to get Sanitarium for only $3.99, and grab that plastic toy shovel and dig out gem after gem over the next 18 days at your favourite DRM-free digital distributor.