The long awaited update to BulkyPix’s Burn it All is on the way. The great thing is the update will be free.

From the press release:

    By popular demand, the highly expected update of the AAA Burn It All game from Pastagames and BulkyPix will be arriving soon to the iPad and iPhone. Burn it All, the fantastic arcade platformer, remains one of all-time favorite arcade titles for the iPhone/iPad. Like in Pix’n Love, Pastagames has gone the extra mile to really put those glossy coats of polish on Burn it All. And now, this clever puzzler is getting an upgrade: a new world filled with 25 fantastic puzzles to suck you in for hours of fun.

    For those deprived souls who have not had the pleasure of playing the game, Burn it All – Journey to the Sun is a clever time-based challenge game where the goal is to guide your little flame as it burns up everything in each level in the quickest and most efficient way. Your flame will burn through various configurations of ropes, wood, and bats, while trying to avoid things like water drops and air jets.

    Up to now the game featured a total of four different worlds each with 25 levels, and a new, fifth world will be released soon. As you progress through the worlds, the difficulty ramps up and you’re given new abilities at the perfect intervals. Burn It All never gets stagnant because there’s always something new going on.

    In the new world the puzzles are doubly diabolical. Not only do you need to burn through all the ropes and challenges, you need to get to a gold key to finish the puzzles. The update features:

    – 25 new puzzling puzzles and their Elevator Gameplay!

    – The Magic Key and its outstanding superpowers

    – A new optional assisted Control Mode

    – Flabbergasting special effects in 3D or even 4D for the lucky owners of 3GS phones or iPad 2s

    – French, German, Italian, Spanish and a few extraterrestrial languages that nearly no-one speaks anymore!

    – and other sweets and delights…

    The update of the Burn It All – Journey to the Sun will be available for download at the App Store for FREE in coming weeks.