It’s always good when games from foreign lands are made available to the rest of the world. Now, Playstation 3 players can get their hands on Kyuiin for the low price of $5.99.

From the press release:

    MonkeyPaw Games today announces the release of Kyuiin, a classic Japanese horizontal 2D shooter making its digital download debut on the PlayStation ® Network. As with most games in the imports section, this release marks the first time that gamers will get to play this direct-from-Japan import. Today’s release of Kyuiin also marks another addition to MonkeyPaw’s growing library of Japanese classics on the PlayStation ® Network. Like most MonkeyPaw import classics, Kyuiin will be affordably priced at $5.99.

    Kyuiin follows the story of a young dreamer who’s suddenly cast into a magical world of evil creatures on a flying vacuum cleaner. This special vacuum also serves as a two-way weapon. On command, the hose sucks in everything from evil baddies to bullets to arrows and allows you to spit them back out to clear your path. Alternatively, the vacuum’s power cord introduces a unique aspect on 2D shooters with its ability to effectively whip away enemies within its proximity.

    The zany worlds of Kyuiin will be a delightful treat to gamers with its radical backgrounds and colorful cast of characters. From museums to decked out castles, expect to run into everything but the kitchen sink. Various obstacles from flying pans, sharp jewelry, angry bees and giant frogs will be thrown at you. Kyuiin’s chaotic environments also reward gamers by using a unique scoring system with point bonuses for using different combinations of your vacuum’s attacks in certain situations.

    “Kyuiin was a title that we really wanted more gamers to experience. The wacky worlds, unique 2D shooter gameplay and enjoyable 2-player co-op support made it a classic in Japan,” said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games. “Our fans have been clamoring for more shooters, so we’re excited to make Kyuiin available for digital download today.”