iOS owners shouldn’t get all the fun. Brain Ball Runaway is now available for Android devices.

From the press release:

    Brain Ball Runwaway is a brilliant example of a game that eventually will have you banging your head against the wall. Before you master and complete this game, you will be on the brink of madness, and your brain will burn! Your task in Brain Ball Runaway is to guide a ball from point A to point B before time runs out! Sounds simple doesn’t it? At first glance this isometric beauty doesn’t look like much of a challenge, but the challenge is collecting enough gems on each level before a portal unveils itself, teleporting you to the next and harder level… While the initial levels seem straightforward enough, the later levels are insanely hard with loops to traverse, traps to avoid, hidden switches that toggles blocks, and a wealth of other obstacles.

    Inspired by the good old classic Marble Madness™, Bain Ball Runaway looks and plays wonderfully, and the isometric view gives the game a unique appeal, and adds to the challenge. Its adrenaline pumping music is something that needs to be experienced, and the controls are exceptionally simple: simply touch on the corner of the screen to make the ball move in your desired direction. Brain Ball Runaway features no less than 36 levels, and those select players skilled enough to beat all the levels has the option to save their stats on the Ranking Screen.