Need an addicting game to keep you from working? Try Dice Match. It’s free.

From the press release:

    If you look up the word “addicting” in a dictionary, it really should mention the game Dice Match for the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch® and Apple iPad®. Dice Match from Big Smash Studios is not the new kid on the block, but definitely the fun and relaxing one! With a new and unique style of play, this game shares similarities with Match-3 titles.

    Your objective in this game is to match the dice and score points, and a classic version comes with the initial download, while additional game modes are available as in-app purchases. Plan your strategy to save your last move on all the high values, or just swipe all the pairs! Occasionally, a rare x10 dice will appear, but use it wisely on the high dice values. Following each game, your score can be saved on a local High-Score list, and global leader boards are available through Game Center™ integration. With support for Retina graphics and relaxing music, this game is guaranteed to keep you addicted for a very long time with its multiple game modes such as “Classic”, “Timed”, “Solitude” and “Frantic”!

    The “Classic” mode incorporates 30 turns of carefully planning your moves at your own pace. The “Timed” mode is ideal for players interested in scoring the highest amount of points within a five minute period of time. In “Solitude” mode, you are awarded more dice if you get 5000 points in one turn, but will soon run out of dice. Concentration and careful planning is the key to success. And finally, the “Frantic” mode features dice disappearing frantically, and you need to act quickly! Match up the high value dice within five minutes!

    Finally, Dice Match has an upgradable Art Package that includes 10 additional dice, and the game has more than 36+ achievements to unlock! Don’t take our word for it, but Dice Match has already received 100’s of exceptionally positive reviews and high-ranking scores and feedback by consumers: “Awesome” – “Addicting” – “Love it” – “Fantastic” and “Great” are just appetizers of what players from all over the world are writing about Dice Match. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself with one of the most incredible dice games on the App Store; the initial download is FREE so you have nothing to lose!