Not sure how Wesley Snipes is working on a game from jail, but we have to give him some props for trying. Let’s hope the game is at least decent. We’ll find out next month.

From the press release:

    Lapland Studios, in association with Elstree Studio Productions, Red 27 Films and Maandi Media Holdings, announced today that the upcoming Wesley Snipes game, Julius Styles: The International will be available for iPhone and iPad this August 11 in the App Store.

    “The concept for Julius Styles: The International is an amalgamation of the ‘international spy, security specialist characters’ I’ve played in a couple of films,” said Wesley Snipes. “Except unlike previous characters I’ve played, who often have military special ops, spy backgrounds, I needed a twist for him. Thus, Julius Styles was born.”

    Julius Styles: The International is a thrilling, action packed game that takes players deep into the treacherous world of economic espionage. Working for the Assembly, an elite circle of businessmen bent on channeling global funds into their pockets, players control Julius Styles, voiced by Wesley Snipes himself. Julius is a ‘Facilitator’, an economic hitman – an expert in persuasion, blackmail, and assassination. Combining a rapid-fire mind, unorthodox methods, and cutting-edge computer skills, he infiltrates governments, businesses, and other shadowy organizations to help them —or rather encourage them — to make the right decisions.

    “What we have here is an incredible opportunity to take an international celebrity, whose film career is categorized by non-stop thrill rides, and turn it into an unbelievable iOS title,” said Ilkka Immonen, CEO of Lapland Studios. “Working with Wesley Snipes is an amazing experience for all of us here. We are huge fans of his movies and lending us his talents for the game makes for an unbelievably exciting time at Lapland.”

    Presented in an isometric 3D style Julius Styles: The International is a one-of-a kind adventure in which Julius gathers information, collects and combines items to create weapons and tools, and solves intricate puzzles. Players use any means necessary to successfully complete the operation. The deeper he gets, the more things go wrong; mistakes, accidents, miscalculations. Julius can’t shake the feeling that somebody is trying to stop him — permanently. The question is, who? And how far will Julius go to stop them?

    The first episode of Julius Styles: The International will be available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad on August 11, 2011.