They say that EVE is something that must be experienced and now players can share those experiences with the world. Doing so will net you and community as a whole virtual cash and prizes. Sounds interesting.

From the press release:

    CCP is very proud to announce something new and unique for EVE fans and the gaming community at large. EVE is a game with a rich universe full of stories that are all player-generated. EVE is a one of a kind environment where all players are active on the same server and in the same shared virtual world. At the same time. It’s an ultimate experiment with the human experience. That fact has amused and amazed and horrified people for almost a decade now. It’s time to undock those player stories and content. is something that could only come out of EVE. These stories just don’t happen elsewhere. EVE players choose the harsh, often brutal struggle in EVE because it has true meaning and real consequences. Cruise over and find out for yourself. More player content is added every day.

    The site is a repository, a virtual museum of player generated EVE stories and content. It is paired with a social media outreach and incentivized social sharing mechanism, rewarding the entire EVE community with Aurum for use in the new NeX store. As players share more stories, both into the site and out from the site they are helping unlock over $6.5 million in virtual currency. Each unlock stage is worth over $1M in virtual goods (around 107,000 months of gametime AKA PLEX each), with every active paying EVE customer getting a slice of the rewards themselves.

    Side contests for best image and best video are also included, with awesome computer hardware prizes. Look for more “EVE is Real” news soon after the first $1M of Aurum unlocks.

    So far the response has been amazing. We hope you enjoy the EVE universe through the eyes of our players.