One more engine is headed to the Mac and iOS.

From the press release:

    Unigine Corp. announced full support of Mac OS X and iOS by *its advanced Unigine engine in addition to other available platforms (Windows, Linux, PlayStation 3 and Android).

    “At the current moment Mac becomes a game-ready ecosystem in addition to mature iOS market. With our advanced 3D technologies developers can easily bring their creativity to Apple’s platforms from now on. The full technical potential of iPhone/iPad graphics is yet to be discovered, and we are excited to be pushing the limits in terms of real-time 3D rendering on this platform as well”, said Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp.

    Both Mac and iOS versions of the engine have proven to be full-featured framework for interactive 3D projects. Its power has already been harnessed by Unigine Corp. internally as well as its licensees.

    Oil Rush game
    It’s been already 3 months since Mac builds of Unigine engine have been vigorously tested by pre-order users of Oil Rush. This naval strategy game is a spectacular showcase of Unigine features seamlessly ported to Mac OS X.

    GPU benchmarks
    The whole range of Unigine-powered GPU benchmarks (Heaven, Tropics, Sanctuary) is successfully running on Mac OS X. They provide the same immersive experience as in Windows and Linux versions while efficiently utilizing Mac hardware. Right now Mac builds of the benchmarks are available for developers as a part of Unigine SDK only, but in the nearest future they are planned to be released for free download.

    Furthermore, Unigine engine ensures impressive visuals and top-level perfomance on mobile devices. “Passage” and “Crypt” 3D demos that were previously developed for Android platform are up and running great on iPhone/iPad hardware as well.