The game is available now for $.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

From the press release:

    Architeq New Media Entertainment is pleased to announce the highly anticipated release of Agent 351: Logic Bomb, its debut mobile title for iPhone and iPod touch. The game brings trivia masters an exciting way to put their knowledge to the test while challenging themselves to prevent the greatest heist in history.

    The game’s storyline is one of its best assets and offers a unique, creative approach to mobile trivia. The central character Agent 351, an operative at a top secret government agency, is summoned to stop the notorious bank robber and bomb-making genius Jacques Le Petite who has seized the Royal Bank in London and wired the entire building with the time bombs. The bombs can only be defused by correctly answering troubling trivia tidbits. It is up to Agent 351 to progress through 40 levels of these explosive questions to deliver the Royal Bank from danger and capture the cunning Le Petite.

    The game presents questions in a multiple-choice format, each with four possible answers. It offers users a 50/50 lifeline to remove two incorrect choices and a pause option to let them thoroughly ponder puzzling problems. The player’s goal is to respond correctly before time expires and the bomb detonates.

    The original detective-style soundtrack suites the environment and adds explosive a dramatic touch to the game. Combination of entertaining cinematic sequences, intriguing gameplay and a large pool of thought-provoking questions makes Agent 351: Logic Bomb a good addition to a trivia lover’s collection.

    “Not only are we excited about the release of Agent 351, we are proud of our first release to the iTunes app store that is unique in its genre. With an innovative and addictive blend of action and trivia, unique characters and a story-driven plot Agent 351: Logic Bomb is a fun-filled game for players of all ages.”