These days the Wii and PS3 have been getting a lot of games together. This time it’s another dance game. Seems like we traded in our guitars for happy feet.

From the press release:

    Dance! It’s Your Stage will be heading to the Playstation 3 (with full PS3 Move support), Nintendo Wii (with full Wii balance board support) and PC (with full Xbox 360 controller and Dance Mat support) on September 30th!

    Dance! It’s Your Stage was developed in close collaboration with Internationally renowned and critically acclaimed Dance Superstar and choreographer Detlef D! Soost. The original and dynamic choreographies created by D! Soost were meticulously motion captured using a team of professional dancers to produce the most realistic dance game ever released on the PS3, Wii and PC!

    Dance! It’s Your Stage has 20 exclusive tracks, each with their own unique and dynamic choreography – this has resulted in a dance game with extensive playability and a new level of realism in the dancing game genre.

    In addition to the exciting track list and original choreography, Dance! It’s Your Stage introduces exclusive new game features on to the major motion-control platforms PS3 Move and Wii. Dance uses a stylish high end graphics engine (as used in Prince of Persia) with sophisticated light and shading techniques to deliver graphics and visuals unrivalled in the genre!

    Dance! It’s Your Stage features:

    • Professional choreographies created by internationally renowned and critically acclaimed superstar Detlef D! Soost with motion capture of professional dancers

    • Step by step career – Detleft D! Soost takes you from beginner to professional

    • Extensive range of style options with over 300 items to choose from

    • Multiplayer for up to 4 friends

    • 8 stages (each with 2 upgrades including Bollywood!): Underground, Live TV Studio, Dance Studio, Yacht, Airport Hanger, Training Room, Heliport, The Streets

    • 20 exciting new dance tracks to choose from

    • Most realistic and detailed Playstation 3 Move Dance game ever released!

    • Wii version supports Wii Balance Board

    • PC version supports Xbox 360 Controller + Dance Mat

    • Stylish high end graphics engine (as used in Prince of Persia) delivering sophisticated lighting and tone shading.

    Andy Pearson, Product Manager at PQube Ltd commented:

    “The motion capture is phenomenal and the in-depth story mode featuring Detleft D! Soost taking you from beginner to expert ensures hours of playability – it is refreshing to see a dance game focus on the dancing itself using major industry experts for the choreography, the realism of the game is second to none”