Want to add rapid fire to your controller? Evil Controllers is starting a new program where you can send in your controller to have it customized. For more information visit www.evilcontrollers.com.

From the press release:

    Evil Controllers has offered custom gaming products for some time, and in the spirit of providing customers with the best opportunities they have recently announced a new line of controller modifications. Evil’s Send In Service.

    Customers are now able to create their own custom controllers by selecting individual 360 controller parts. Once customers have designed their custom color scheme, Evil Controllers will install the controller mod and custom parts in house, and quickly ship the controller to their customers. This provides gamers with a controller that is completely of their own design, and that best represents their personal style, while maintaining the same level of quality that can be expected from Evil Controllers.

    These customizable parts allow customers to select from a variety of colors for thumbsticks, bumpers, triggers, and bottom trims of the controller as well as the outer shell. Custom LED light inserts are also available, and in junction with clear thumbs sticks or controller bodies, these upgrades greatly increase the appeal of any controller. Evil Controllers works with the highest quality pats and ensures that each controller passes their 12 step quality assurance test before shipping them out.

    As well as offering the option to design a custom color scheme, Evil Controllers has recently announced that they are allowing customers to send in their existing controllers for customization. This cuts down on costs for their customers, and gives them access to the same mods and parts without having to purchase a brand new controller. Customers that decide to send in controllers are able to install rapid fire, fast reload, and all of Evil’s line of mods, while at the same time upgrading the aesthetic appeal of their controller.

    Evil Controllers is very excited and proud to announce their Send In Service. The quality of this new line of products is top notch, and it provides gamers with a new way to get ahead of their competition. In accordance with Evil’s already sterling catalogue of controller mods and custom accessories, this new opportunity feels right at home.