Pixel and Texel, a new development studio made of former id developers, announced a new action RPG named Fara for iOS devices. The game will be released later this year. Fara will be their first game with the new studio.

From the press release:

    Innovation. Creative freedom. Independence. Coffee. Pixel and Texel is a new video game studio built on these core values. The company was formed by two experienced developers who previously worked on titles like Orcs and Elves (EA), Wolfenstein RPG (EA), Viva! Mall (Konami), and EA High Caliber Hunting (EA) at id Mobile and Method Solutions. Currently, the studio is focused on creating exciting new games for mobile, console, Mac, and PC platforms.

    Pixel and Texel is also thrilled to announce “Fara”, their first new title for iOS. An action RPG that combines realistic physics with fast paced combat, Fara is an experience that is totally unique to the platform. Thanks to the new technology Pixel and Texel is developing, the game world exists on one giant painted canvas where players interact with quirky characters in dangerous locales. Fara is currently in the latter stages of development and is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2011.

    As the development of Fara comes to a close, Pixel and Texel has created a Kickstarter page as a way to interact with fans and secure additional funding. Supporters of Fara will be given gifts like original artwork, the game’s soundtrack, or even a chance for their digital avatar to live in the game world.