Not only has the game been updated, but it’s now 50% off. This discount is limited, so jump in now while the getting is good.

From the press release:

    Major Update Now Available In The App Store – 50% Off For A Limited Time!

    Developer Rombos has been busy improving their classic racing game, Dash Race, to include a wealth of new features and add-ons! Compatible with the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch® and Apple iPad®, this classic “Paper & Color-Pencil” racing game just got bigger and better!

    The new 3.0 update on the App Store has full Game Center Support: Play against other players worldwide, and you can even combine this with local WiFi or Bluetooth giving you an awesome opportunity to play against other opponents right next to you, or from anywhere in the world! Embedded voice chat is now also possible, and a brand new “Challenge Mode” offers a unique and breathtaking racing experience combined with a clever points system giving you a unified valuation of your driving skills on the tracks! Other improvements are achievements, an interactive training course, and comprehensive statistics such as details of winners and races! To this already impressive list of new 3.0 features you can add random turn sequences, where turns for players are randomized, bringing a whole new level of excitement into a race, improved Facebook integration and finally an improved track-shop, now faster and more reliable offering continued downloads if you experience network problems.

    In Dash Race, up to 4 players make their moves in turns, following a very simple set of rules based on the classic and popular “Paper & Color-Pencil” game of times gone by. With this new 3.0 update, the developer has made an already fun and entertaining classic even better! To succeed, you need to take curves at crazy speeds requiring experience and dexterity!

    As a limited introductory offer, Dash Race is now available from the App Store 50% off its regular price.