iOS game Ascendancy gets a much needed update. If you didn’t know before today, then you know now.

From the press release:

    In an era when humanity’s exploration of outer space is being curtailed, what could be more important for the future than remembering we may not be alone, and must not forget to look to the stars? The Logic Factory, creator of the epic sci-fi strategy app, Ascendancy, continues to demonstrate how new models of game development and publishing allow development teams to make their products evolve beyond initial release.

    “Now that there is much less of an issue over shelf life, developers can release a great game, but also have the luxury of helping it grow into something new over time,” said Todd Templeman, Co-Founder of Logic Factory. “It’s a dream come true for developers that platforms such as the iOS and the App Store are ushering in a new era of creativity, originality, and quality in gaming.”

    Improvements to Ascendancy include the Ship Design Library, allowing players to create, save, and load any variety of ship type they want to build. This becomes especially helpful during late stage gameplay when enormous ships can have virtually limitless permutations of specialty devices, weapons, defenses, sensors, and shields.

    Once a ship type has been loaded into the build screen, the player can continue to modify it as much or as little as desired. This new feature allows the player to build and rebuild entire fleets, and get ships back to the front lines much faster than before. Additional upgrades include new animations in the holotank display that shows players at a glance how many resources their empire is producing, visual cues when planets, ships, or research have been left idle, minor bug fixes, and more.

    “You will see new things out of Logic Factory and our ongoing commitment to quality within the universe of Ascendancy,” said Templeman, “but what you don’t see in Ascendancy are in-game ads or items for sale, or pop ups asking you to rate our game. We want our customers to just play, to try to get swept away by the possibility and variety of intelligent alien life among the stars.”

    Ascendancy has been and is being featured on the home page of global iTunes App Stores in the Galactic Games campaign, elite Strategy Games feature blocks, and New and Noteworthy.