The new RPG game is available on the App Store for $.99. It has a distinctive style and may be worth looking in to, especially considering the price.

From the press release:

    Sad Cat Software is pleased to announce the launch of Desert Quest game for iPhone and iPod Touch, the epic role-playing adventure that invites players to take an inspiring journey into the world full of magic and secrets. With its smooth and fluid gameplay, beautifully crafted graphics and enchanting music the title provides a deeply engaging and unforgettable gaming experience.

    Players take the role of a hero whose mission is to venture through 16 various levels across the unknown and dangerous lands in order to find and save the gorgeous princess from evil spirits. They are challenged to show off their archery skills and go through intense combats against 30 kinds of creatures including eight spirit bosses. With a diverse selection of upgradable weapons and equipment users have the chance to improve the speed, agility and endurance and gain upper hand in battles. The game contains 20 spells to discover and achieve that can be learned by combining the magical gems in the pattern shown in the spell book.

    Desert Quest presents four exotic environments in widely varying landscapes and features different mini-puzzle games that must be solved to advance further. Outstanding 3D graphics are a great addition to a varied, rich and deep gameplay. Enchanting music and subtle sound effects create special involving atmosphere and make the whole experience even more enjoyable and captivating.
    “Desert Quest is our first foray into 3D games that plunges players into the magical, enchanting and beautifully crafted world full of spirits and adventure. We hope our users will enjoy exploring it as much as we’ve enjoyed making the game.” – said Oleg Samus, the founder of Sad Cat Software.