New startup company releases it’s first game, The Patriot. It’s currently available for iOS devices, and will be released for Android phones in the near future.

From the press release:

    Deadmans Productions launched its first full-fledged game today – a Revolutionary War game for iOS and ANDROID devices that will particularly attract gaming enthusiasts, history buffs and anyone with a sense of patriotism. The game, aptly named “The Patriots,” is set in 1824, ten years after the War of 1812 ended. The time frame was decided upon to set the scene for America to have had just enough time to grow a bit complacent with its independence and Britain plenty of time to breed anger and resentment over the results of the last two wars. This is when “The Patriots” begins – and it allows its players to rewrite history.

    There are two versions of “The Patriots” being released simultaneously: “The US Edition,” which demands persistence, is being released in the United States and “The UK Edition,” which is based on strategy, is being released in Great Britain – and the rest of the world. Furthermore, there is a secret code in the game that will let users play both versions.

    Deadmans Productions has great hopes and high expectations for “The Patriots.” Prior to the company officially launching the game, “The Patriots” was named as New and Noteworthy on the iTunes App Store for strategy games. “We could not be more thrilled that Apple has recognized the quality of our game so quickly,” said Michael Ridley, CEO and Founder of Deadmans Productions. “We just hope that our customers feel the same way.”

    “The Patriots – US Edition”
    The American version of the game, which is first being released solely in the United States, sets players in the year 1824. America had just recently become a sovereign nation after defeating the mighty British Empire in 1781 and had also held back the British when, in 1812, they descended again upon the Americas with little luck or success. Twelve years have passed and a new generation of British men are hoping to avenge their ancestors’ losses. Secretly, the King has built an impressive army and reassembled the elite cavalry called the Green Dragoons, who are known for their savagery and disdain for the American colonies. The British have pinned down the President and Congress. Players in the United States, where “The Patriots – US Edition” has been released, will be on a mission to defend the Capitol and save the United States, or all will be lost.

    “The Patriots – UK Edition”
    In the version of the game being released in Great Britain and the rest of the world, players are again brought back to 1824. King George, IV is still angry over the perceived notion that America defeated his father’s elite armies to gain their independence in 1781 and again in 1812. Late in his years, in the effort to make his last attempt to right the mistake of his father for not fully imposing British rule on America, King George, IV secretly assembles an army of elite soldiers loyal to him who want to avenge their ancestors’ losses. In anticipation of a new invasion, the King has secretly ordered the training of the infantry, enlisted the services of the elite Scottish guard and reformed the dreaded, feared and respected Green Dragoons. The King knows that a long, drawn out war will not gain him favor in England and has used cunning tactics and perfect timing to capture all of the American government in one massive assault. The American Congress and the President are cornered in the Capitol. Players in Great Britain, where “The Patriots – UK Edition” has been released, are set free to seize the United States Capitol and therefore all of America. Players must capture the government and end the war quickly – or history will repeat itself – again.

    Fresh off of a tremendously successful campaign to raise money to market “The Patriots” on, a website where hopeful entrepreneurs seek financial donations from both people they know and those they don’t to give their projects a boost, Deadmans Productions is thrilled to be launching its first game.

    “We are excited beyond belief to be bringing ‘The Patriots’ to the mobile market,” said Ridley. “The game has addictive game play, a cool story line and amazing sounds, weapons and other upgrades that will have players entertained for hours. And that’s why we’re designing games here at Deadmans – to entertain.”

    Deadmans Productions, LLC is a startup company located in Troy, NY, that is creating entertainment-based apps for the iOS and ANDROID platforms. “Undecided” – the first app released by Deadmans Productions – ranked top ten in 43 countries for dice apps. The Patriots is currently available in the iTunes Store for iOS devices and will be soon available in the Android Market for ANDROID devices.