iPad owners now have the chance to play Flick Tennis: College Wars HD. This tennis adventure game gives players the chance to tackle some tough opponents with comic book elements to tell the story. Lots of multiplayer modes and challenges make for a complete package.

From the press release:

    Rolocule Games today announced the availability of Flick Tennis: College Wars HD for iPad on the Apple App Store. With the introduction of role-playing elements in the game through a comic-style storytelling, Flick Tennis brings an entirely new perspective in the sports genre on iOS.

    Designed specifically for the iPad, the game boasts of intuitive flick controls that make gameplay simple yet incredibly deep, giving full control of the game of tennis to the users. The users take on the role of Kevin Adams in the comic book, who must fight for his survival and become the best college tennis player. With motion-captured animations, head to head multiplayer, doubles, breathtaking graphics and realistic physics, the game promises the most authentic tennis experience on iPad.

    “Flick Tennis does an amazing job in capturing the intensity and joy of playing real-life tennis. It is much more than just a tennis game or any other sports game.”, said Rohit Gupta, CEO of Rolocule Games. “It takes you on a journey of joy, anger, despair and jubilation. It provides gamers the same experiences as when they watch sports-based movies; only here they are the hero and themselves drive the story.

    Flick Tennis: College Wars features 12 difficulty variations with 3 opponent levels (Beginner, Amateur, Professional) and 4 real-life tennis player types (Defensive Baseliner, Aggressive Baseliner, Volleyer and All-Court Player), just like in real-life tennis. The game uses swipe gestures to play various tennis shots like groundstroke, lob, slice, drop etc., and touch controls to move the player. With 10 players and 11 unique tennis courts (with all 3 tennis court surfaces – Grass, Clay, Synthetic), the game provides Exhibition Mode, Head To Head Multiplayer and a Story Mode. Exhibition Mode offers customization of singles or doubles tennis match with the selection of players, court and difficulty. Story Mode features 35 pages of comic book in which the users live through a tennis fantasy. In addition to this, the users can also challenge friends and family for a head to head multiplayer duel.