More iOS game goodness available for purchase.

From the press release:

    Ravensburger Digital is at it again – with the success of their Puerto Rico iOS board game still fresh in the memories of gamers, they’ve teamed up with the Berlin-based game development studio exozet games to release another of their titles to the App Store: Ramses II.

    Ramses II takes you back to ancient Egypt with beautiful HD animation, where the rich – but very confused – pharaoh has concealed his treasures from around the world in the pyramids to hide them from thieves. He now needs you to help him remember where they are! Compete versus your friends or the built-in computer AI as you race to uncover the most treasure.

    Uncover superpowers throughout your journey to aid in the search and engage in merciless duels with rival treasure hunters to compete for the prize! Be wary of scorpions and sandstorms though as they may cause you to ‘tomb’-le and fall along the way, leaving you lost in the depths of history!

    In-game help features and multiple AI difficulty levels make Ramses II fun and accessible for young and old alike, but watch out or this mind-wrenching memory game might just send you crying for your mummy!