This game will be available for many platforms including PC, iOS devices, Android, and Macs. Lots of people will be able to join in on the sleuthing.

From the press release:

    Imagine: you wake up in the evening after a powerful storm on a road in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, with a partial short-term memory loss. Thrilling shivers down your spine remind you of dramatic events that took place just before, yet which you have no memory of…

    Will you dare to solve the ages-old mystery of Maple Creek? What ancient evil lurks there in the seemingly peaceful, picturesque rural lands of Vermont? You will soon learn that a single missing you were already investigating here is only the tip of the iceberg and you are in no lesser danger than the lost girl you were looking for.

    Why does a mysterious stranger you soon meet appear to be playing a game of his own? Whose side does he take? Is there any connection between your case and a similar one which happened in Maple Creek thirty years earlier? These and many other questions wait for you to answer then in the extraordinarily immersive and multi-layered story of Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek.

    Unique Game Features: Evidence Board

    Unlike other games of the genre, which simply tell the story, in Enigmatis the Player runs the investigation herself by collecting Pieces of Evidence and drawing Conclusions. This is done via a unique gameplay element, the Evidence Board, where the Pieces of Evidence are stored. The Player may both draw Conclusions by combining various Pieces of Evidence which refer to a certain subject as well as examine each of them thoroughly – some Pieces bear important clues which might not seem obvious at first sight!
    There are:
    • 31 Pieces of Evidence to collect.
    • 11 Conclusions to draw.

    Enigmatis does not follow the common theme of the ever present ravens and full moon glowing through countless gnarled black branches of leafless trees in every scene. You will also not explore yet another haunted mansion with nothing but creepy graves and gargoyles around. Why? Because there is no need for these. The story is thrilling enough to keep the Player engaged from the beginning to the very end. In place of these you will then see beautiful rural lands of Vermont with picturesque panoramas of the northern Appalachians and colourful wilds of the surrounding autumn hardwoods.

    The soothing, nostalgic, beautifully hand-crafted scenery does not play down the thrill, though. Subtly contrasting the scary events it builds up the tension even more, making it feel more convincing and real.

    Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek will be released for the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.