Get into some Snoopy action later this year. The game will be free, with the option to pay for some in-game currency. They haven’t said which platforms will be getting the game, but we’re assuming it’s going to be available for iOS and Android at the very least.

From the press release:

    Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the whole PEANUTS gang will be making their way to smartphones this November with the announcement of “Snoopy’s Street Fair” by Beeline™ Interactive, Inc. and Peanuts Worldwide. In the smartphone social networking game, players are tasked with building and organizing a street fair to help the PEANUTS gang raise funds for new baseball uniforms they need to play in a little league baseball tournament.

    Playing from the perspective of Charlie Brown, players can recruit the entire PEANUTS crew to work different stalls and concessions including Sally’s Lemonade Stand, Lucy’s Psychiatrist Service, Linus’ Pumpkin Pie Stand, Marcie’s Book Stall and Pigpen’s Flea Circus to name a few. To truly capture the spirit of PEANUTS , the game will include the classic theme music from the original cartoons as well as official voice talent.

    While the rest of the gang is busy with the fair, Snoopy will roam the game leaving a path of mischief in his wake. Depending on Snoopy’s costume he’ll pounce on piles of leaves, help redesign stalls dressed as Artist Snoopy or, in the case of his Beagle Scout costume, collect marshmallows with his beagle scout troop in tow. Each costume will also unlock a themed minigame including a lemonade making game, a color mixing game and a marshmallow roasting game.

    Snoopy’s Street Fair also includes several social features including gifting, messaging friends and interacting with friends’ fairs. As players progress through the game, they’ll also unlock Charles M. Schulz’s classic PEANUTS comic strips, which can be viewed and enjoyed from within the app.

    When released this November, “Snoopy’s Street Fair” will be available as a free download. Optional in-app currency will be offered, so players can progress in the game faster and unlock special content.