No one should be surprised, but Serious Sam is headed to mobile devices. The game will be available on the 15th for both iOS and Android.

From the press release:

    Be-Rad Entertinament, Croteam and Devolver Digital are taking the mayhem of the Serious Sam series mobile with the September 15th release of the explosive Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack on iOS and Android devices. Mobile gamers across the world will be able to step into the boots of the iconic Headless Kamikaze and enjoy the relentless pursuit of Sam through 40+ levels and challenge modes.

    “For years the Headless Kamikazes have been getting blasted to smithereens so it’s awesome to show their side of the story,” said Brad Johnson, developer of Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack. “They are just a little misunderstood and once you take away the never-ending desire to inflict pain and death on Serious Sam you’ll see they are regular people driven by unnatural hate and bloodlust like everyone else.”

    Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack will be available for all iOS and Android devices as a universal build so the mobile gaming elite can play on their standard and high-definition devices. An introductory price of 69p will accompany the launch so Serious Sam fans can get to ‘splodin as soon as possible.

    “Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack will revolutionize the world of games you can play on the toilet,” said Fork Parker, chief financial officer at Devolver Digital. “Though expect some stares from other restroom patrons once people hear all the kamikaze screams coming from your stall. Trust me, it gets weird.”