Monday is the official Talk Like a Pirate Day and to celebrate the occasion, Telltale is offering the complete Tales of Monkey Island at a discounted rate. The discount only extends to the PC, Mac, and iPad versions of the game. Head to their website or the Apple App Store to pick it up.

From the press release:

    MARK YOUR CALENDARRSSS FOR ‘SEPTEM-BARR’ 19th for it be “International Talk like a Pirate Day” an’ Telltale Games’ award-winnin’ Tales of Monkey Island series be on sale for one week! A treasure chest of savings awaits ye from the nineteenth to the twenty-sixth of September as the entire Tales of Monkey Island season on PC and Mac is yours for 70% off! That be some fine booty!

    Avast! There be more! iPad owners can get all 5 five Monkey Island Tales HD episodes on sale for £1.99 per episode! Splice the main brace and grab these offers afore we send ‘em down to the cold darkness of Davey Jones’ locker!

    *cough* that was weird…

    Telltale’s trademark humor and adventure gameplay will delight Monkey Island fans old and new as the entire five-episode saga unfolds on iPad, PC and Mac.