New adventure game is now available on iOS devices. The game is available on the App Store currently and will be released later for the PC and Mac OS platforms.

From the press release:

    Anuman Interactive sets out to discover the world of the Sun King and announces the adaptation of “Versailles 2: The Testament” on iPhone and iPad (coming soon on PC and Mac).

    Known for having been the youngest and longest‐reigning monarch of France, Louis XIV remains the King who most heavily influenced France’s history. His life, both personal and political, was among the most eventful of all the French monarchs ‐ The Fronde, civil war, his mistresses, his absolutism, the wars and of course…. Versailles.

    Originally released in 2001 with history buffs in mind, “Versailles 2: The Testament” is today reissued on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad, in HD and as a series of episodes. The title gives players a game concept that is halfway between adventure and a historical journey where the player has to foil conspiracies, mysteries and puzzles in order to advance through the story.

    In collaboration with the RMN (the French network of National Museums), “Versailles 2: The Testament” takes the game’s historical aspect very seriously to give players a portrayal of Versailles that is as authentic as possible. To this
    end, many features have been included to make sure this new version is as detailed as possible (for example, the Hall of Mirrors, the gardens etc.). The game’s overall atmosphere has been given the same detailed attention with the addition of Lully’s music, contemporary figures of the period, a portrayal of the King’s lifestyle and that of the Court, all to provide the player with the best possible immersion in the Sun King’s immense property.

    A story within History

    In 1699, Louis XIV is faced with a turning point in his reign and Charles II of Spain feels the end of his life approaching without having provided heirs to his Kingdom. This period gave rise to many diplomatic maneuvers in the search for an heir. The player is in the shoes of Charles‐Louis de Faverolles, a young nobleman who dreams of becoming a diplomat and to join his beloved in Spain. To achieve this dream, he will have learn to move in the circles of Versailles nobility with its endless codes, where the negotiation of favors is rife, and seek the King’s approval.

    In order to advance through this first‐person adventure, the player has an inventory at his disposal where he can stock items as he finds them (like his money pouch, a letter of recommendation etc.). He will also have to talk with the many famous characters at Court, such as Madame de Maintenon, the architect Mansart, or Louis XIV himself.

    Another interesting feature is “Compass Look”, available in the options menu and which helps to bring the game to life. The gyroscope mimics the iPad or iPhone movements in the game, and gives players the possibility of a 360° view.

    Join the Louis XIV’s court with “Versailles 2: The Testament”
    on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Several updates are anticipated and will provide players with additional content, such as the encyclopedia that was in the original version.

    “Versailles 2: The Testament” is available from September 15, 2011 on the AppStore, in the “Games” category.