The Wii continues to get mini-games and Go Vacation gives Wii owners what they’ve always wanted…more mini-games. This time, the theme is vacation and the game will allow Wii owners to use their accessories such as the balance board. Look for the game to hit shelves November 4th.

From the press release:

    Transform your living room into your very own family holiday destination this winter, a welcome distraction from the cold weather outside as Go Vacation™ will see you travel to the vast Kawawii Island where you can unlock 50 varying activities ranging in category from sports simulations to dance-based challenges either in single player or four player multiplayer mode. Go Vacation will keep all members of your family entertained this Christmas as it launches exclusively for Wii™ on 4th November 2011.

    You and up to four of your friends are free to explore the expansive Kawawii Island, via a four way split screen, to check out the four different resorts on the island, each of which offers its own unique activities. Start at the Reception Desk for advice and traverse your chosen resort using the themed vehicles designed for each location to find activities to play.

    You don’t need to fully explore the island to get started as you can jump into your favourite sport via the Activities menu. Exploring the island and finding its hidden secrets will unlock new activities and challenges which range from surfing, beach volleyball and scuba diving in the Marine Resort to kayaking, horseback riding, rafting and clay shooting in the Mountain Resort. Fans of the slopes can take part in snowball fights, snowman making, snowmobile races and the ski jump in the Snow Resort and urbanites can choose pie throwing, hang gliding, mini golf and table hockey in the City Resort. Use your Wii accessories such as the Wii Balance Board™ to add new ways to enjoy the activities.

    Go Vacation is the perfect holiday from home this Christmas as it launches across Europe on 4th November 2011 exclusively for Wii.