Get some martial arts action in this new action game for the iPad and iPhone. The game is available now for $.99.

From the press release:

    The Legend of the Fish of Fury, a new martial arts fighting game for the iPhone and iPad, is now available to download from the Apple AppStore™. Dive undersea and go fin-to-fin with eight fishy fellows in this fast-paced battle of scaly proportions. Punch, block and kick your way to the ultimate showdown with the mighty Emperor V. Defeat him and be crowned King of the ocean.

    Four game play modes mean even the smallest plankton can hone their fighting skills. Select from six fearsome fighters and unlock a further three by defeating Emperor V. Take on each opponent in the best of 3-round battle in Arcade Mode. But don’t worry if you’re sent to Davy Jones’ Locker you’ll be given as many chances as possible.

    Fancy a Royal Rumble? Take on each fish in a one round bout in Survival mode. Be prepared if you’re defeated at any stage as you’ll have to start from the beginning.

    Bored on the bus on the way to school or work? Quick Play starts a random battle between fish. But remember best of 3 rounds wins. And if you’re getting your flippers in a flap, Practice will help you flex your fins and become a Grouper amongst fry.

    Apple’s touch screen gesture controls make it easy to pick up and play. Double tap to Punch, swipe to the right to Kick and swipe down to Block. Tap the icons on the left of the screen to move left and right and hit the Lightning bolt icon to activate your characters unique special move.

    Developed using Apple’s Universal Application platform, The Legend of the Fish of Fury intuitively selects the correct resolution and optimises performance for any iOS device. The game is available to download in France, Germany, UK, USA, China, Korea and Japan for $0.99 (£0.69).

    Meet the Fearsome Fighters
    · J Spartan an 8 year old Siamese fighting fish from the Mekong River. Weighing in at 7 ounces, his Delta Force Marine style certainly packs a punch with a fight record of 441 wins to 9 defeats. You’ll be lucky if you could swim again after being hit by his Blade Runner.

    · Don’t be taken in by the shining light as hiding in the deepest darkest depth of the abyss is Prof Sergei, a 146 year-old angler fish. Don’t let his age fool you; his Dark Stealth fighting style and Mass Effect signature move makes him a warrior amongst fish.

    · Representing the UK is Sir Leo XXI, a sturgeon from the Royal Thames. This 18 year old fellow is a highly trained Queensbury Boxing champion with a mean left hook. With a pro-record of 881 wins to 78 defeats, you’d be a fool to fall for his British charm.

    · Hailing from the Paraná River is El Guerrero. This young piranha is an up and coming fighter who has already amassed 245 wins. But be careful. From his Red Rage he’ll quickly switch to his Cyclone Punch.

    · Mr Axx is one catfish you won’t make purr. The icy cold waters of the Baltic Sea have certainly toughened him up having lost only 2 fights in his tender 5 years. Few dare take him on as one hit from his Upper Cut Nuke and you’ll be sipping milk from a saucer for a month.

    · Don’t let the fact Jack is a goldfish fool you. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in speed. He led a peaceful life in the Gold Valley Lake until his parents were caught and sold to the pet trade. He’s been furious ever since.

    · Shadow, the smallest and youngest competitor, hails from the Caspian Sea where he honed his Floating Claw fighting style. A relatively new and inexperienced fighter, his speed and stamina mean he’ll keep fighting until he floats.

    · Weighing in at a massive 321 ounces, Mee Moto is a whole lot of fish that you don’t want to mess with. Seventh generation Sumo Wrestler, his poisonous Puff of Death is enough to knock a grown man unconscious.

    · Emperor V, the undisputed fighting champion. 367738 fights and not 1 defeat. From the Deep Viper Sea, his looks may have left him as have his tender years but at 999 he still reigns supreme with his Fast & Furious fighting style.

    Key features:
    · Nine Fearsome fish characters, each with their own fighting style and unique finishing moves
    · Four colourful underwater arenas; Heaven, Hell, Sunken Ship and Market Place
    · Four immersive game play modes; Arcade, Survival, Quick Play and Practice
    · Created for any age group with easy to pick-up and play gesture controls