Fans of Boulder Dash who want to play on their Android device can now do so. Relive the classic games on your smartphone.

From the press release:

    First Star Software, Inc. and development partner InstantCom, Ltd. today announce the release of Boulder Dash®-The Collection™ for Android OS SmartPhones on Google’s Android Market.

    The very first Boulder Dash® app for Android is a collection of five Boulder Dash games, some sold as in-app purchases, including the well known, much loved, multimillion-unit selling original game from 1984! Now available exclusively on Google’s Android Market, the app will be released throughout the world on numerous alternative channels with distribution and co-publishing partners soon to be announced.

    Games (cave packs) as well as new FREE caves and other surprises will be released frequently as updates. For $3.99 players start with the more than 30 caves and 3 levels of difficulty in Boulder Dash®-M.E. Vol. 2. They can then work their way back in time with in-app purchases of the other four Boulder Dash games that will comprise ‘The Collection’.

    Boulder Dash®-M.E. Vol.1, from 2003, for 99 cents, is the first additional cave pack, also available now for purchase. Close to 1 million units of Boulder Dash-M.E. volumes 1 and 2 have been sold. They were developed by InstantCom, Ltd. and published by First Star Software, Inc. and were the first ever mobile editions of Boulder Dash.

    The next three games (cave packs) in Boulder Dash-The Collection will be the caves from: the Boulder Dash® Construction Kit™ (1986); Boulder Dash®-Vol. 2 (1985); and, finally, the game that started it all – Boulder Dash®-Vol. 1 (1984), each as in-app purchases. These cave packs feature the original retro graphics and all of the caves and difficulty levels available in the original Commodore 64 and Atari 400/800 versions.

    All games can be played in portrait or landscape using any of 3 user-configured controls, in either ‘Classic’ or ‘Zen’ modes (without game clock). All of our favorite creatures and features such as: butterflies, fireflies, amoebas, magic walls, as well as the growing walls and slime from the early sequels are present. Recent games in the series include the tools and power-ups that made them so popular: bombs, hammers and the ability to rotate the cave 90 degrees.

    Leaderboards and achievements and other social networking features are supported with OpenFeint. Additionally, a flow of frequent updates with free caves and other surprises are sure to keep players engaged and coming back often for more!