Trion Worlds is trying to get players connected with a new platform codenamed Red Door. We’re not totally sure about the details, but it seems as if they’re going to be bringing content to the players using some kind of hub. Hopefully we’ll have more details soon.

From the press release:

    Trion Worlds, the leading publisher of premium games for the connected era, has revealed that the company will launch a two-pronged platform initiative, codenamed Red Door. Red Door will consist of a consumer platform and a full-scale publishing and development platform, based on the proprietary technology fueling Trion’s games.

    Consumers will benefit from a single trusted destination for premium connected titles and rich social features. Red Door for players will include the ability to discover and download content as well as a suite of flexible account services.

    Red Door for the industry will allow developers and publishers to create experiences never before possible. The platform will enable third parties to build and run games as services with fast real-time updates and versatile monetization models. Red Door will provide a sophisticated server architecture and proprietary toolsets that will radically speed up the time-to-market for developers who want to create the next generation of premium games for connected devices.

    “Media and entertainment are transforming into connected services that evolve around the user,” said Dr. Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion Worlds. “Our goal is to revolutionize premium games and help the industry realize its potential in the connected era. Our first title Rift is just the tip of the iceberg; with Red Door we intend to catalyze significant change for the industry and unleash new creative possibilities. We want to hear from those with big bold ideas and dreams.”

    Trion has been proving the power of its platform through its live game Rift™ and two games in development, End of Nations™ and Defiance™.

    Rift sold more than a million units in less than four months and has introduced five major updates in six months since it first launched. Trion’s first-party title is a live dynamic service that evolves to make the player experience better every day, demonstrating the responsiveness of Red Door.

    End of Nations, developed as a second party game with Petroglyph, is already collecting accolades pre-launch. The real time strategy title showcases the ability to take any genre to massive online scale and to offer versatile monetization methods. Defiance, a true transmedia co-development project with Syfy, demonstrates the creative possibilities unlocked by the platform and exhibits the ease of Red Door to work with consoles and other connected devices.