Been looking at trying Rift? Well, this weekend Trion is going to be allowing new and returning players to try the game for free. The free period will last from Oct. 13th until the 17th. Also, Trion is going to allow players to upgrade their account which will give a new mount and a personal banker.

From the press release:

    Beginning today, new and returning players of Trion Worlds’ MMORPG Rift™ can experience five major updates worth of content, including the massive new Ashes of History patch, for free this entire weekend. Over the past six months, the Rift development team has maintained an unprecedented post-launch content schedule, introducing three epic raids, a PvP warfront, duo dungeon content, countless updates and improvements, and much more. The free gameplay lasts from 5:30pm BST on Thursday, October 13th through 5:00 pm BST, Monday October 17th.

    Players can get reacquainted with Rift in style with the new Ashes of History Upgrade and Collector’s Edition, available for £5/€5 and £24.99/€24.99 respectively. After applying the upgrade, subscribers will be able to summon Moneybags, a personal banker, ride Spindrel, a terrifying spider mount (because eight legs are better than four), and show off faction pride with a new tabard. The Ashes of History Collector’s Edition includes the new items, plus the Rift client and one month of game time.