For those players who are hurtin’ for space, Microsoft will be releasing a new 320GB harddrive this fall. The new drive will come with a code for Lego Star Wars III as well. The suggested retail price will be $129.99 (USD).

From the press release:

    Gamers and media aficionados, have no fear. No longer will you need a plethora of drives and other storage devices to be able to have all your games and media at your fingertips. This fall, Microsoft is introducing the largest hard drive it has ever offered for Xbox 360, with 320GB of storage space.

    Launching in late October, the Xbox 360 320GB Media Hard Drive will be available for $129.99. (U.S. ERP). It will also include a LIVE download code for the most action-packed LEGO Game yet — LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars from LucasArts, a division of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. and TT Games.

    With more downloadable content than ever, the extra storage of the new 320GB Media Hard Drive is an invaluable add-on. Now you can store up to 95 full games, or 200 standard definition movies, or 40 high definition movies, or up to 975 standard TV shows.

    The Media Hard Drive is compatible with all Xbox 360 S models and will be sold at at your favorite Xbox 360 retailer and is available worldwide, the Media Hard Drive will not include the game download code in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and the UAE.