Tactical Soldier will be on sale on the Apple App Store to celebrate the upcoming release of Campaign 2. Pick up the game for $2.99. Offer is available for only a limited time.

From the press release:

    Highly acclaimed iOS game Tactical Soldier is celebrating the upcoming release of its new Campaign 2, by going on sale for a limited time! Tactical Soldier is available from the AppStore for $2.99 RIGHT NOW. The sale will run for a limited time until the new DLC, Campaign 2 is released.

    Campaign 2 now has an official release date as well! The DLC will be released on the AppStore as an in-app purchase on October 26th. The new campaign adds a whole new story set after the events of the original Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising. The plot follows our team of soldiers chasing a renegade scientist through a rural countryside in the Pacific Northwest, where they will encounter brand new flesh-craving enemies, such a zombified wildlife and undead lumberjacks. The DLC adds brand new weapons to the game as well.

    Tactical Soldier:Undead Rising was featured as App of the Day on TUAW, as well as Game of the Month on TouchArcade. The game offers some of the most challenging tactical gameplays available on iOS devices, detailed 3D graphics and an engaging storyline told through hand drawn comic-book panels.