Indie developers have a hard time getting their games recognized, and BIGindiePR will be there to assist. Check out their website at

From the press release:

    Early in the month of October BIGindiePR, a public relations company focused on independant video game developers launched its website, and was welcomed in to the wonderful world of indie games. BIGindiePR is currently taking on indie game developers for public relations contracts, and is ready to lend a hand to any new, or seasoned indie game devs.

    About BIGindiePR
    BIGindiePR was created by Jeremiah Hisel as a full service public relations company for current of first time indie game developers looking to get their game(s) more notoriety at a reasonable cost. Unlike many other PR companies BIGindiePR was developed to be a complement to indie game developers’ current toolsets. By removing unnecessary spending, and overcharging BIGindiePR can offer services for far less than its competitors.

    Our Goals
    Our primary goal is to get your game noticed, not to drain your budget. By offering indie game developers cost effective public relations we hope to increase awareness of indie games as a new culture and genre of the video games industry, and we can do that be getting your game noticed.