Get ready for Halloween with Devil’s Due Pinball for iPhone and iPad.

From the press release:

    Smorpheus Games Laboratory announces that Devil’s Due Pinball, a retro-themed table with fast action, awesome special FX and close adherence to real-life pinball is now available in the App Store.

    Devil’s Due is a completely original table featuring eight special game modes, a secret undertable, multiball, hilarious voice acting, and fantastic graphics and physics delivered via the Unity 3D engine and nVidia PhysX.

    The design of Devil’s Due Pinball is inspired by both early 90s pinball tables and the classic Turbografx games, Devil’s Crush and Alien Crush.

    Devil’s Due Pinball is available as a Universal App for both iPhone and iPad at $1.99 USD. It will soon be available in the Mac App store.