Try out the newest version of the Anno series today. The official demo is available at

From the press release:

    Today, Ubisoft® announced that a demo for Anno 2070TM, the next iteration of the hugely successful Anno franchise, is available to download from today.

    Anno 2070 shifts to the future for the first time, offering an island of new technologies and challenges for the player to manage, along with a deep economic system and a dynamic game world.

    The demo will allow players to experience the first two missions of the game, where you will work for a tycoon leader who is building a hydroelectric power plant. Players will be required to generate manpower to construct a turbine for Global Trust, the organization belonging to the tycoons. During the missions, the player is guided by quests through the core gameplay mechanics imbedded in the brand new setting, dealing with its challenges.

    The demo can be downloaded from:

    Anno 2070TM is scheduled to release on November 18, 2011.