It’s Mario! Starting tomorrow, Europeans will be playing Super Mario 3D Land.

From the press release:

    SUPER MARIO 3D LAND™ launches across Europe on 18th November only for Nintendo 3DS ™ and both fans and critics are already excited. The latest instalment in the Super Mario™ series has also sold well in Japan after launching earlier this month. After being on sale for only four days, 343,492 units* of the game were sold making it the number 1 game in the country. In addition, sales of the Nintendo 3DS console more than doubled in Japan from 65,041 last week to 145,271** more than every other console combined.

    SUPER MARIO 3D LAND marks the return of the timeless platforming fun of the Super Mario series and mixes classic 2D Mario action with the newer 3D style that fans of the Super Mario series will be sure to enjoy. SUPER MARIO 3D LAND has been made exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and fans can expect familiar yet challenging platforming action when the game launches across Europe later this week. The anticipation has been high and leading video games media and critics have already been enjoying the new Courses and features:

    IGN, 95% – “ With an expertly balanced difficulty progression, dazzling level design and masterful Power-Ups, this is the ideal 3DS experience… As a whole, 3D Land is brilliant and addictive, and should do for 3D-enhanced platforming what the original Super Mario Bros. did for 2D platforming. If you own a 3DS system, you have no choice – you simply must own this game.”

    Game Informer 95% – “ It lives up to the level of quality set by previous entries and is easily the best reason to own a 3DS.”

    Daily Telegraph, five stars – “SUPER MARIO 3D LAND is a sublime, precise platformer that presents Nintendo’s remarkable level design skill in a new perspective”. “ The charm, inventiveness and knowing nods to Mario heritage bring constant smiles, and it’s not only a superb Mario game but a fantastic advert for the hardware it appears on”.

    Get ready to master a mixture of new and classic abilities on your quest through the Mushroom Kingdom, as the fan-favourite Tanooki Mario returns in SUPER MARIO 3D LAND along with new guises such as Boomerang Mario and Statue Mario . By collecting a Super Leaf, Mario turns into Tanooki Mario giving him the ability to glide in mid-air as well as perform a tail attack; and the new Boomerang Flower gives Mario the power of a Boomerang Bro. and allows him to hurl boomerangs at enemies. You will also have fun mastering the many other abilities from the Propeller Box which makes Mario fly high in the air to the classic Fire Flower that allows Mario to throw fireballs at enemies.

    During a recent Iwata Asks interview with the producers of SUPER MARIO 3D LAND, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata spoke to Takashi Tezuka, one of the leading producers behind the game, and asked him what drew him to the new game, he replied – “Tanooki Mario, I think. I was the one who made Tanooki Mario for Super Mario Bros. 3, but I think this game displays Tanooki Mario’s features much better than in 2D. When you flip enemies, the tail spins right around, but in Super Mario Bros. 3, all you could do was smack left and right. This time you can wipe them out in a full 360-degree circle!”

    Try out Tanooki Mario for yourself and many other guises as you explore the Mushroom Kingdom in SUPER MARIO 3D LAND, available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS across Europe from 18th November.