Trion will be starting a special three-part Christmas event in Rift which will include new rewards and holiday hats. Who can pass up holiday hats?

From the press release:

    Freshly freed from Greenscale’s clutches, the Fae of Telara are ready to party this holiday season … and it’s going to get crazy. Starting today, Rift™ kicks off a six week, three phase world event known as “Fae Yule,” an epic in-game celebration that features fancy holiday hats, new quests, a grumpy mead-guzzling satyr, and other festive items.

    But it’s not all candy canes and cocoa. Crucia, the Dragon of Air, seeks to ruin the festivities by enslaving the Fae anew, and it’s up to Ascended to crush her plans and save Fae Yule. Throughout the event, players can earn Unique Snowflakes, which can be redeemed for yule-inspired gear, a jolly corgi companion, and a lavish vaiyuu mount.

    This weekend, Trion kicks off the celebration with three days of subscriber bonuses, including increased experience, PvP Favor and Prestige, Plaques of Achievement, and Planarite.