The critically acclaimed WiiWare game, Lost Winds, is now available for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. To celebrate the event, the development team will be holding a contest via Twitter. The game is available for $3.99.

From the press release:

    To celebrate today’s launch of LostWinds on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Frontier is running competitions on Twitter over the holiday season.  All judging will start on the 3rd January.  To find out more on how to win an exclusive and gorgeous piece of LostWinds artwork, signed by the team, head over to:

    The gorgeous, gusty gameplay of LostWinds breezes onto the App Store today for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. 

    Created by Frontier Developments, LostWinds is a fresh adventure bursting with gameplay ideas – you wield the awesome elemental powers of Enril the Wind Spirit, from raging tornados to the subtlest breeze, in a stunningly presented combination of combat, exploration and puzzle solving.

    Guide and protect young Toku, the only one who can release the curse placed upon the enchanting world of Mistralis and its people by evil Balasar.

    Features include:

    • Power Toku’s jumps and glides through Mistralis’ different regions;

    • Blast, trap and smash enemies;

    • Solve puzzles as you journey to a dramatic showdown;

    • Richly interactive: Mistralis rewards experimentation and bursts to life with your every action and exploration;

    • Game Center integration and achievements;

    • The ‘Snapshot’ feature lets you add game characters to your own photos and share with friends.

    The LostWinds App is available for $3.99 / €2.99 / £2.49 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.