From the press release:

    SEGA® of America, Inc. has released an Armored Core® 4 playable demo for the Xbox360, now live on Marketplace. The demo features 3 full levels and a handful of mechs to customize and test drive.

    Armored Core®, the mech action game that defined the mech gaming genre, is back to take on next-generation platforms! Armored Core® 4 reinvigorates the series by offering an all-new storyline, new environments, and for the first time – online capability!

    The FULL game includes:

    * Multiplayer functionality allows up to eight players to battle online.
    * Join one of six factions specializing in different aspects of battle.
    * Over 35 missions played out in detailed futuristic 3D environments.
    * Fly through canyons and rip through cities battling multiple enemies.
    * Deploy “Quick Boost” and “Over Boost” features for precise explosive movement and precision control of AC units.
    * Engage “Primal Armor” the all-new defense shield that adjusts its strength according to specific battle conditions.