Basketball: Hoops of Glory is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for free on the Apple App Store.

From the press release:

    Synqua Games, a developer of casual and social mobile games, is proud to announce the release of their newest game, Basketball: Hoops Of Glory, now available for FREE on the App Store, and compatible with the Apple iPhone® and Apple iPod touch®.

    Basketball: Hoops Of Glory is one of those rare and unique sports games that not only appeals to fans of the genre, but to the casual player as well. With its incredibly intuitive one-touch controls, crisp and refreshing graphics, realistic physics and addicting gameplay, this game will bring fun and joy to anyone looking for a cool casual basketball title.

    ‘Brodie’, who also goes by the nickname ‘Bro-Dawg’ on the streets has a dream of becoming the hippest hoopster in the hood, and this wannabe star has chosen you – yes you – to be his mentor, coach and aid to fame and street cred!

    Basketball: Hoops Of Glory is packed with features, and includes multiple modes of play: Practice, Challenge, Arcade and Time-Attack! Practice mode allows you to perfect your aim and rank up scores by intuitive touch-and-drag controls to adjust the path of the ball, while releasing to shoot. Challenge mode has you shooting the ball from 3 different distances for maximum points, and includes a wealth of power-ups such as extra time, XL-size basket, bonus points, freeze and extra balls! But watch out for the defender trying to prevent you from scoring. If you score 3 times in a row you get a perfect achievement, and the challenge is cleared for the next stage! Additional stages are available as in-app purchases! (for only $0.99 you get an additional 25 challenges). Finally, in Arcade Mode (Max Streak), your task is to score as many times in a row as possible and Arcade Mode (Time Attack) challenges you to score the maximum amount of times in a 3 minute period of time!