This week seems to be a slow week for all hardware. The DS even managed to sell less than 100,000 units. Just about all of the hardware sales are down from last week. Rumor has it that manufacturers and retailers are gearing up for Golden Week, which is in May, but one has to wonder why they’d do that so early. For those who don’t know, Golden Week is a week where quite a few national holidays are strung together. So people just take the whole week off. We can look forward to next weeks numbers to see if the sales continue the downward trend.

  • DS Lite: 79,897
  • Wii: 51,365
  • PSP: 39,077
  • PS2: 17,787
  • PS3: 16,889
  • Xbox 360: 3,889
  • Gameboy SP: 609
  • Gameboy Micro: 588
  • GameCube: 205
  • DS: 115
  • Gameboy Advance: 9