From the press release:

    All planetary patrollers, be on the lookout! Fans of Spectrobes for Nintendo DS can now capture the highly sought Spectrobe creature known as Thundora. Otherwise identified by game players as Spectrobe No. 24, Thundora is now available exclusively for download through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Log on each week and accrue points to earn a variety of downloadable content, including the new mysterious Spectrobe. This enigmatic new creature may prove to be the key to saving the universe from the evil Krawl!

    Forms – There are three forms for most Spectrobes, based on their growth. Typically, Spectrobes are acquired by excavating them as fossils and then awakening them into their Child form. From Child, they are evolved into their Adult form and then to their final stage, which is called Evolved form.

    Properties – Spectrobes are creatures of light, and light is often represented by red, green and blue. Corona is red, Aurora is green and Flash is blue. Each Spectrobe has only one of these properties. The important thing is the power relationship between these:

    Corona is strong against Aurora.
    Aurora is strong against Flash.
    Flash is strong against Corona.

    Here is the profile for Thundora:

    Thundora is said to have the power to manipulate lightning. Only glimpsed a handful of times, Thundora has been called a “battle maestro.” However, this is only a speculation.

    Property: Corona
    Form: Evolved
    Height: 8’5″
    Weight: 1036
    Attack: Voltronica

    Thundora generates energy in his shoulder drums to attack his foes!