There can never be too many strategy turn-based RPGs on the market, and today Smuttlewerk Interactive released Time of Heroes: The Arrival for all iOS devices.

From the press release:

    Independent German-based developer, smuttlewerk interactive, is proud to announce the release of ‘Time of Heroes’, now available on the App Store, and compatible with the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch®, and the Apple iPad®!

    ‘Time of Heroes’ is a 3D turn-based strategy game with heavy roleplaying elements, which, thanks to the groundbreaking combat system, easy accessibility and modern graphics, enables the player to immerse himself for many hours in the fantasy world of ‘Altland’.

    Under the leadership of prince Minos, humans land on a foreign coast in search of a new home. A short while after going on shore, they realize that the land holds many dangers, but also new hopes and new allies. Their old home was engulfed by ice and cold and the old king Asterios ordered his son Minos and the majority of the people to sail southward. 400 years before the happenings in ‘Companions’ (available by the developer exclusively for the Apple iPad®) the northern people reach the coast of ‘Altland’. Immediately after the landing they make acquaintance with the inhabitants of the north coast, and those strange beings have just one thing in mind: eat all the intruders.

    In the course of their adventures the heroes of the northern people meet the mad elf Shoto Gar and his ally, the legendary dwarven trapper, Ung Bulmitz. These two wrongdoers control the lower creatures of the north and without hesitation try to enslave or destroy the newcomers.

    Since thousands of years ‘Altland’ is the scene of a terrible war, which brought the old races of the continent, the dwarves and elves, to near extinction. The minions of the dark god ‘Detexx’, undead, demons and other horrible creatures turn out to be the biggest threat the humans have ever faced. Prince Minos is quick to realize that the ‘hordes of nether’ may only be defeated by joining forces with dwarves and elves of ‘Altland’.

    The first chapter of ‘Time of Heroes – The Arrival’ covers the arrival of the northern humans in Altland, and the battles that followed shortly thereafter.

    Because this fantastic RPG saves the games progress in the iCloud, players can enjoy the game on different devices, be it with the Apple iPad® on the couch, or on the road with their Apple iPhone®, without the need to begin a new game every time devices are switched.

    ‘Time Of Heroes – The Arrival’ features an exciting story, wonderful and beautiful artwork, an absorbing soundtrack, and a groundbreaking game- and combat-system. Furthermore, with 6 playable heroes, 6 playable units, and more than 25 different enemies and plenty of skill-trees and items, this turn-based RPG will keep players immersed for a very long time. Suitable for newcomers to the genre, as well as the hardcore fan-base, the game also includes 3 different difficulty settings, 3 different Unit Numbers difficulty levels, in addition to its highly intuitive and clever controls.

    The developer is currently working on the next chapter of the game, ‘Time of Heroes – The Prophet’s Revenge’, which will be available soon.