Hot on the heels of the upcoming reboot of Syndicate, EA has teamed up with to offer gamers the chance to play the original Syndicate for a measly $5.99. If you missed out on this game so many years ago, it’s worth giving it a shot.

From the press release:, the dashing digital distributor of DRM-free PC games, has added one of their user base’s most-requested classic games to its catalog as Syndicate joins the roster of EA classics. Available for just $5.99, Syndicate is one of the best tactical squad-based games made for the PC, with a variety of missions, upgradeable agents, sharp graphics, and a grim cyberpunk future where corporations vie for world dominance.

    Played from a top-down isometric view, Syndicate presents the player with a simple goal: world domination. As a “Marketing Director”-or, more accurately, a hitman-for a new syndicate, the player will need to lead a squad of four operatives to infiltrate, capture, search, and destroy their way to the top of the corporate food chain. Critically acclaimed for its gameplay, splashy graphics, and deep customization options, Syndicate is one of those good old titles that every gamer should have on their shelf.

    This classic series, is, of course, getting a new lease on life with EA’s announcement about the upcoming release of a new game in the Syndicate universe due out in 2012. It’s been almost 20 years since the original Syndicate was released, and now is the time to check out what has made it so remarkable that EA has brought the series back this year.

    Syndicate is available now on only for $5.99, and is one of many great EA classic titles available.