The game rComplex will be released on iOS devices in February, but will be a different game than fans are used to. The developers, InterWave Studios also announced that there will be over versions of the game coming for Mac, Android, and PC.

From the press release:

    InterWave Studios announces that rComplex will be available on HD iOS devices at the end of February 2012. Developed by indie veterans Roger Hicks and Brian Terwilliger of EVENT Games, rComplex is a complete reimaging of the 2009 critically acclaimed indie title.

    In rComplex, fans return to the shadowy world where the running man races against an ever-approaching darkness committed to its deadly pursuit. It never rests. It just keeps coming. Playing as the running man, a player’s reflexes are put to the test. Movement and firepower are allies against the ominous darkness. Escape depends upon dexterity and perseverance. Players must dodge obstacles while constantly moving forward, keeping ahead of the monstrous tentacles that give chase. A limited supply of firepower can stave off the darkness when death seems most imminent.

    “In rComplex you begin by running. Why the darkness chases you and where it comes from is as unknown as your own identity. You must evade its tentacle grasp for as long as possible, until you can piece together the events that led to your current situation. With no gimmicks to distract from the intuitive control system, rComplex is all about survival and unveiling the mystery” said Igor Raffaele, general manager of InterWave Studios.

    rComplex uses Unity 3D to create the game for iOS platforms as well as upcoming Android, Windows and Mac releases. The game’s enhanced visual style mixes bold contrasts with color-coded objects. An intuitive control design ensures that players never have to miss a step due to clumsy control mechanics.

    rComplex’s compelling story unveils itself across seven environments. Levels feature varied challenges including motorbikes zooming on devastated highways and tense claustrophobic runs through dilapidated factories. Exclusive items, unlockable achievements for flawless runs and low death counts provide story and bragging rights.