Roguelike games are making a bit of resurgence and now PC and Mac users can get in on the fun with Pitman. While some players have already played and enjoyed the iOS version of the game, many more can pick it up on a couple of new platforms.

From the press release:

    Pitman is a 3D RPG for your coffee break, presented in a picturesque board game style.

    Traditional roguelike gameplay like randomness, high replayability and turn-based strategic roleplaying elements meet innovative level design decisions.

    Although Pitman might be a diverting experience, this is no easy-peasy game! What quickly captivates you from the beginning turns out to be a complex quest about finding the right way, saving energy and food for the long journey down to the crypts, and being well prepared for the lurking beasts everywhere. Pitman will let you die a thousand deaths – thus making your survival especially satisfying! And with the modern game technology of “save games” you will be able to face a challenge again, better prepared.


    -RPG – create the hero you want, like a dwarven sorcerer or a powerful warrior
    -turn based – for a tactical course of action
    -3D board game style – build the world while playing
    -random based – no game will be like the one before