Seems the DS is back on top as the best selling unit in Japan. Many were worried that the wind had finally run out of its sails, but as this week proves that’s not really the case. Rumor has it that the Wii units are being held for Golden Week holiday, which is why sales have been lower for the last couple of weeks. The other systems are also seeing lower sales and that may point to more conservative buying overall. As we get closer to Golden Week, perhaps sales will pick up for all systems.

  • DS Lite: 110,845
  • Wii: 52,583
  • PSP: 31,503
  • PS3: 14,520
  • PS2: 14,234
  • Xbox 360: 2,963
  • Gameboy SP: 833
  • Gameboy Micro: 512
  • GameCube: 255
  • DS: 90
  • Gameboy Advance: 12