Zivix announced today that they will be releasing JAM Live Music Arcade for the 360 and PS3. The game will allow would be musicians to create tracks from existing artist to express themselves in the music. The game will be released later this year.

From the press release:

    Get ready to experience and create music in an entirely new way! Zivix LLC, a developer leveraging innovative technology through peripherals, real musical instruments and entertainment software, an in association with Reverb Publishing, announced today its latest offering, JAM Live Music Arcade, is set to launch later this year for both Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation® Network.

    JAM Live Music Arcade gives you the freedom to become the DJ, producer and the band leader for total creative access in a live music sandbox. Allowing players to take on the role of lead guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer and synth player, JAM Live Music Arcade provides a deeper connection to the music through jamming, improvisation and exploration rather than all the emphasis being on the high score. Just grab any one of the plastic guitar peripherals most gamers have lying around (or your standard game pad) and you’re ready to kick off a music gaming experience unlike any other.

    “JAM Live Music Arcade builds upon years of our music experience and some of the successes we had with previous iterations of the JAM franchise, but takes it to an entirely new level allowing creative freedom and a closer connection to the music,” said Chad Koehler, vice president of Zivix LLC. “The world loves music, and this product provides immediate accessibility in a totally new way. If you’re looking to jam out, turn the living room in to a live show and experiment with a near-infinite bank of sounds, effects and rhythms, then this is the experience for you. If you’re interested in a more traditional follow-the-leader type of play, then we’ve included the Arcade Mode just for that purpose. With the great songs and artists we have and the wide variety refreshingly creative different play modes, JAM Live Music Arcade is the breath of fresh air the music gaming genre needs.”

    JAM Live Music Arcade is a completely new approach to the music genre with a real-time live music sandbox that allows the player to immediately build and customize their very own tunes. Starting with any one of the 30+ licensed songs featured in the game (including hits from Modest Mouse, Fallout Boy, Fatboy Slim, Rise Against, Atmosphere and more), players jam with and remix all aspects of the song – guitar, bass, drums, synth and vocals – to experiment with the song and re-create it to their own personality. All of this is done with any one of the compatible guitar gaming peripherals – the entire band is in your hands! Accessible and easy to get started, yet deep and almost endless to master, everyone can touch real music across a broad range of sonic tastes. JAM Live Music Arcade offers an immersive level of musical interaction that’s inspiring, powerful and contagious.

    Features of JAM Live Music Arcade include:

    • Allows the player to experience music in a different and creative way by controlling and remixing all aspects of the song – it’s an entire band in your hands!
    • Players have complete creative control over the music and are rewarded for their sense of timing by getting into the flow of the music and beat
    • Featuring 32 tracks from major artists to top-touring indie bands designed specifically for the JAM platform, JAM Live Music Arcade offers a wide variety of musical stylings
    • Compatible with any of the millions of gaming guitar peripherals on the market today
    • JAM’s Arcade Mode not only engages a new type of follow the leader pathway and gameplay style, but also incorporates more controller actions from an up-strum to the whammy bar, creating even more of a challenge
    • Dynamic visuals respond to your every move, ensuring your visual jam is just as unique as your musical one
    • User created content: Create a mix, replay or challenge it in Arcade Mode

    Pricing information, the official XBLA and PSN launch dates, complete set list and more for JAM Live Music Arcade will be revealed in the coming weeks.